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Latest News



Twistee Treat sees improved hiring with JobOn video recruiting

Store expansion is a wonderful thing, but effectively keeping up with recruiting and hiring the employees who staff new stores is not always easy. Twistee Treat, a rapidly growing, 15-store specialty ice cream retailer, is using video HR technology from JobOn to facilitate hiring and recruiting at remote locations.

JobOn releases White Paper on Technology Must-Haves for Staffing Firms

Recruitment technology continues to evolve and it is not always tied to expensive enterprise systems. Mobile and web technologies are the price of admission for any recruiting firm, and those that don’t keep them current will get overtaken. Recorded video, however, is a proven albeit relatively new technology so it offers opportunities for firms to create new advantages that reduce turnover, enhance user satisfaction, and lower costs.



Food-Service Providers Give Solid Reviews to JobOn's Video-Based Hiring

Starbucks, Saladworks, Jamba Juice, The Greene Turtle, Smoothie King and Huddle House are chain restaurants or franchises that have begun using JobOn to screen and hire hourly workers for their restaurants. They are adopting the technology because recorded video job interviewing saves busy restaurant operators a lot of time when compared to the traditional method of reviewing paper and online applications and then scheduling phone-screens and interviews.

Recruitment-Industry Veteran Joins JobOn As EVP of Sales

"JobOn, the site that matches employers with hourly workers using video enabled job application technology, has added Pete Steiner as executive vice president of sales to expand the company's resources focused on capturing retail, hospitality and restaurant customers."